Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce: What’s Their Age Difference?

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been the most talked-about romance of 2023. The two have only been together for a couple months, but Travis’ birth year gives us reason to believe they could be soulmates.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has been some of the biggest news in the NFL this year. When Swift first attended a Kansas City Chiefs game to support her man, the cameras couldn’t stop panning to her to watch her every more. While not every NFL fan has loved the attention the couple’s relationship has received, one thing is for certain: They’re clearly super happy.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce


As Taylor Swift celebrates her 34th birthday, we’re answering one question: What’s the age difference between the pop singer and the football player?

Taylor Swift watches the Kansas City Chiefs alongside Travis Kelce's motherTaylor Swift watches the Kansas City Chiefs alongside Travis Kelce’s mother | David Eulitt/Getty Images

Taylor Swift is only about 2 months younger than Travis Kelce

Swift and Kelce crossed paths in an unexpected way. Kelce mentioned his attraction to Swift on the podcast he hosts with his brother, and he explained that he went to Swift’s concert with the intention of giving her his phone number but never had the chance. Once Swift caught wind of the situation, she immediately developed an interest.

It turns out that age-wise, these two practically share a birthday. Kelce celebrated turning 34 back on Oct. 5, while Swift turned 34 on Dec. 13.

Since rumors first sparked about a romance back in September 2023, fans have been obsessed with all things Travis and Taylor. Swift attended one of Kelce’s games in late September, and from that point forward, it was clear there was a budding romance. Kelce even flew to South America during a brief break from football to watch Swift perform on her Eras tour, where she changed the lyrics to “Karma” to reflect her relationship with Kelce. Even Swift’s dad seemed to give his seal of approval after footage showed him thrilled to hear the lyric change. Swift and Kelce certainly have not been shy about their romance, and she’s done her best to attend as many football games as possible.

Will Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce last?

Of course, nobody knows what the future holds for these two lovebirds. But one thing to note is that this relationship is running a completely different course than any of Swift’s previous romances. She dated Joe Alwyn for six years and kept things as private as possible. This time around, the relationship is extremely public, which could be a breath of fresh air for the singer.

Sure, some will call the couple’s romance a rebound, but Swift’s fans have already fallen in love with her new boo. Footage of Kelce greeting Swift after her Argentina concert showed him keeping his arms behind his back until he knew how much affection she felt comfortable with — that won fans over for sure. Plus, the video of her dad seeming to already be so close with the tight end had fans adoring him even more (Dad’s seal of approval goes a long way with Swifties, apparently).

For now, it doesn’t matter so much whether Swift and Kelce will last — even though fans have likely started planning the couple’s wedding in their minds. All that matters is that these two are clearly in love in this moment, and if it lasts, then great for them. But he was born in 1989, so there’s a good chance he’s her soulmate.

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