Are Rihanna & A$AP Rocky Pregnant Again With Their Third Baby? Riri’s Picture Goes Viral Fueling Rumors About Her Pregnancy, But Here’s The Truth!

A viral picture of pregnant Rihanna is surfacing in the media, fuelling her pregnancy rumors. Here’s the truth behind the pic!

Is Rihanna Pregnant Again After Delivering Her Second Baby? Here's What We Know

Is Rihanna Pregnant Again? Here’s The Truth! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are again in the news, and this time, it’s because of a rumor about their third pregnancy. Yes, you read that right. A picture is going viral all over social media, suggesting the popular Hollywood songstress is again pregnant after delivering her second baby. But is it the truth? Scroll ahead to find out!

RiRi and her partner, A$AP, have often talked about expanding their family from being just two of them ever since they announced their relationship back in 2021. They welcomed their first baby, RZA, in 2022 and their second one, Riot, in 2023. Now, rumors of their third pregnancy are making rounds.

While the picture of Rihanna on X (previously known as Twitter) looks very real, making the netizens believe that the pop star is pregnant again, it’s not the truth. Apparently, one of the Twitter users shared an old picture where RiRi can be seen flaunting her baby bump while walking on the streets with a caption, “Rihanna confirmed that she & Asap Rocky are expecting their 3rd Baby.”

Since then, Twitter has been buzzing with the picture along with netizens’ reactions. Check it out below:



One commented, “Child spacing left the group.” While another joked, “He no dey take time. Na why dem dey call am ASAP.”

The third netizen wrote, “Rihanna’s wardrobe since she started dating A$AP Rocky.”


However, the truth is the picture that is going viral is from May 2023, when she was pregnant with her second baby. And well, apart from the internet going crazy about RiRi‘s pregnancy, there has been no confirmation about the rumors yet.

Earlier this year, when Rihanna sat down for an interview with British Vogue, she shared while talking about expanding her family, “Listen, I’m down for whatever. My wish would be I would like to have more kids, but whatever God wants for me, I’m here. I’m open. Girl, boy. Whatever.”

When the interviewer further reminded the pop star about her wish, as she said in 2020, to have ‘three or four’ children, Rihanna, laughing while recalling that interview, said, “Oh s**t, you really gotta be careful with your mouth.” Another insider even claimed that RiRi’ always wanted a big family,’ so you never know when her next pregnancy news comes along!

While Rihanna’s recent solo spotting made internet users go crazy to speculate her rumored separation from A$AP Rocky, as far as we know, the celebrity couple is still together moving forward with their strong relationship!

Anyway, so no, Rihanna ain’t pregnant right now!

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