Miley Cyrus shared a gorgeous photo in a bikini to celebrate the success of her song “Flowers.”

The talented 30-year-old singer expressed her excitement over the song reaching #1 on Pop Radio and staying on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the fifth consecutive week. Miley looked stunning in a red bikini, showing off her toned legs and abs. Her blonde hair was styled in loose waves as she posed in front of a wooden wall, displaying her tattoos. Fans from all over the world congratulated her on this incredible achievement.

#1: Miley Cyrus is celebrating her hit song Flowers being number one, again, and expanding its reach. 'Flowers is #1 @ Pop Radio for the first time & on the Billboard Hot 100 again for the 5th Week in a row! THANK YOU & I LOVE YOU! [red heart emoji]'

Miley Cyrus is overjoyed by the success of her hit song Flowers, once again reaching number one and expanding its popularity. She expressed her gratitude and love to her fans for their support. Comments from fans poured in, praising her and eagerly anticipating a live performance of the song, with some even comparing it to iconic anthems for strong women. While a world tour is on their minds, the pop star is focused on releasing her upcoming studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, in the coming weeks before hitting the road. Recently, Miley teased fans with a glimpse of her summer-ready physique in a swimsuit on Instagram, hinting at what’s to come with her new music. In the photo, she exuded confidence and playfulness, showcasing her toned abs and tousled blonde locks while hinting at the album’s release on March 10th.

Bikini babe! Miley Cyrus showed off her summer body as she promoted the upcoming album on her Instagram account on Monday

Miley Cyrus flaunts her summer-ready physique in a bikini while teasing her upcoming album on Instagram. Her latest track, Flowers, has been a massive hit with fans, breaking Spotify’s One-Week Streaming Record with over 96 million streams in just one week. The song, believed to be inspired by her divorce from Liam Hemsworth, quickly rose to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart after its release on Hemsworth’s birthday. This success marks Miley’s first Hot 100 No. 1 in nine years since Wrecking Ball in 2013. The singer’s sultry music video for Flowers, released in January, hints at the emotional aftermath of her failed marriage through clever lyrics and visuals.

Incredible: Cyrus smashed Spotify's One-Week Streaming Record with her single Flowers last month

Amazing news! Cyrus set a new record on Spotify by achieving the highest one-week streaming numbers with her hit single Flowers just last month.

Congrats: From January 13 to January 19, the singer's newest track was streamed over 96 million times on the service alone

Congratulations! Between January 13 and January 19, the singer’s latest track garnered an impressive 96 million streams on the platform alone. In the song, she croons, ‘We were right until we weren’t, built a home and watched it burn.’ Their home was tragically destroyed in November 2018 due to the Woolsey Fire. Despite tying the knot a month later, their marriage ended in August 2019 after less than a year. The couple had an on-and-off relationship for nearly ten years since meeting on the set of their movie, The Last Song, in 2010 when Miley was 17 and Liam was 19. Now, Miley promotes self-love as she sings, ‘I can buy myself flowers, write my name in the sand, talk to myself for hours, see things you don’t understand.’ The music video begins with a breathtaking view of the Los Angeles skyline at dusk before transitioning to Cyrus in a stunning gold dress adorned with a hood and a sleek stomach cut-out. With her bleach blonde hair barely visible and designer shades shielding her confident gaze, she exudes self-assurance as she confidently walks.

Former flame: The single is reportedly about how Miley, 30, is doing after her divorce from Australian actor Liam Hemsworth , 33, and was also released on his birthday (pictured in 2019)

Ex-lover Anthem: The track is said to capture Miley’s journey post-split with Liam Hemsworth, 33, and coincidentally dropped on his birthday, revealing a glimpse into her current state at 30.

Return: It has been nine years since Miley had a Hot 100 No. 1, with Wrecking Ball in 2013

It has been almost a decade since Miley Cyrus topped the Hot 100 chart with her hit “Wrecking Ball” back in 2013. In a recent music video, Miley switches from a serious mood to a more upbeat one as she removes her dress hood and ties up her hair while walking through LA’s Runyon Canyon in sky-high heels. During the chorus, she confidently sings about being able to enjoy dancing alone and loving herself better than anyone else can. The video then transitions to Miley strolling through her Studio City home’s backyard, where she strips down, dances in black lingerie under sprinklers, and takes a refreshing dive into her luxurious pool. Showing off her toned physique, Miley lounges poolside in lacy lingerie, her wet hair styled off her face, as she sings the song’s second verse about letting go of the past. The video also features Miley engaging in a rigorous fitness routine, including battle rope exercises and resistance training, all while exuding confidence and sensuality.

Jaw dropping: Last week, the star dropped the very racy music video for her new single Flowers

Absolutely shocking: The celebrity released an extremely provocative music video for her latest song Flowers just last week.

Intense: It jumps into the second chorus with footage of Miley, still clad in her skimpy black two-piece, showing off her intense fitness regimen

Casual: Moving on to the second chorus, the video cuts to Miley working out in her revealing black two-piece, giving us a glimpse of her hardcore fitness routine.

Sexual healing: And then she does some very suggestive hip thrusts

Sexual rejuvenation: She then proceeds to smoothly move her hips in a seductive manner.

In the following scene, Miley is seen showering with her back exposed, creating a steamy atmosphere. With her eyes closed and hands raised, she lets the water flow over her. Afterward, she appears in a white robe with her wet hair tucked into a towel, searching through her closet with determination. Opting to go topless under an oversized black blazer paired with matching trousers and sandals, she confidently walks through the marble hallways before breaking into dance in different rooms of the house. As the night falls, the backyard is illuminated by blue and purple mood lights, adding to the ambiance. Miley playfully lets her blazer slip off her shoulders, teasing the viewers. The video ends with her catching her breath, hands on her hips, and staring directly at the camera. “Flowers” is the leading single from Miley’s highly anticipated eighth studio album, “Endless Summer Vacation.”

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