Taylor Swift reveals her Top 10 favorite loves. Surprised by the number 1 position.

In addition to her incredibly successful music career, Taylor Swift has remained in the spotlight thanks to her numerous high-profile relationships with male celebrities. Born in 1989, the singer has consistently drawn attention by transforming the ups and downs of her romantic life into inspiration for her music. Fans have closely scrutinized her past romantic entanglements, often engaging in polls to determine who held the deepest affection for her. Below is the ranking:

10th place- Joe Jonas (1989)



In 2008, Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas briefly sparked media frenzy with their romance, only to abruptly end it, which Swift revealed happened via a 30-second phone call, causing a stir in the headlines. Swift openly criticized Jonas on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and channeled her feelings into a song titled “Forever & Always,” painting him in a negative light. However, she later expressed remorse for her public reaction. A decade later, on the same show, she admitted that her response had been “too much.” Jonas, in a 2019 interview, confirmed that they have all moved on and maintained a friendship, signaling that the past is now firmly behind them.

9th place- Jake Gyllenhaal (1980)

Jake Gyllenhaal lên tiếng về nghi vấn bị Taylor Swift 'đá xéo' trong MV

The tracks “All Too Well” and “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” from Taylor Swift’s album “Red” are widely believed to delve into her relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal back in 2010. Despite the emotional depth of these songs, Gyllenhaal publicly praised Swift as a “beautiful girl” on “The Howard Stern Show” in 2015. However, Swift’s release of “Taylor’s Version” of the “Red” album in 2022 brought renewed attention to Gyllenhaal. In an interview with Esquire, Gyllenhaal acknowledged Swift’s artistic expression but expressed apprehension about facing online backlash from fans. He highlighted the severe negativity and division stemming from the situation, along with the potentially grave consequences it could lead to.

8th place- Matty Healy (1989)Matty Healy - ca sĩ vướng tin đồn hẹn hò Taylor Swift - VnExpress Giải trí

Shortly after Taylor Swift’s split from Joe Alwyn, rumors swirled in May 2023 connecting her to The 1975 frontman Matty Healy. Sources claimed they shared a profound connection and were deeply smitten, engaging in constant communication through texts and video calls. However, by June, news emerged confirming their separation, citing their hectic schedules and lack of compatibility as reasons for the breakup.

Interestingly, Swift and Healy were initially speculated to be romantically involved in 2014 when Swift attended The 1975’s concerts and they were spotted wearing each other’s tour merchandise. Healy fueled the speculation during a radio interview by hinting at their exchanged numbers. However, he clarified in January 2015 that while they did exchange numbers and occasionally communicated, there was no romantic entanglement between them.

7th place- Tom Hiddleston (1981)

Những khoảnh khắc mặn nồng của Taylor và Tom Hiddleston - VnExpress Giải trí

In 2015, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift embarked on a brief romance that lasted approximately three months. Hiddleston, famous for his role in “The Avengers,” appeared deeply smitten with Swift throughout their relationship. He gained widespread attention for sporting an “I Heart T.S” shirt, openly showcasing his affection for Swift to the public.

6th place-Taylor Lautner (1992)

In 2009, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner’s brief romance stirred excitement among middle schoolers nationwide. However, their relationship swiftly came to an end, with Swift’s song “Back to December” hinting at regret and apology. Lautner later confirmed on a 2023 podcast that Swift initiated the breakup, but they remained on good terms. Their friendship was reignited in 2023, leading to Lautner’s appearance in Swift’s music video and onstage during her Eras tour. His attendance at a private screening of the “Eras Tour” film indicated their renewed bond.

5th place- Harry Styles (1994)

Everything Harry Styles Has Said About Taylor Swift: A Timeline

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles dated for approximately three months in 2012, serving as inspiration for several tracks on Swift’s 2014 album, “1989,” including “Out of the Woods” and “Style.” Interestingly, Styles seemed unfazed by the songs and even regarded them as compliments. He expressed his admiration for Swift’s songwriting during an appearance on “The Howard Stern Show” in 2020, appreciating the flattering aspect of having songs crafted about him. Despite their breakup being influenced by media attention and their young age, Styles acknowledged that some relationships aren’t meant to last. Nonetheless, he found value in the experiences and the opportunity to meet new people. At the 2021 Grammys, the former couple appeared amicable, engaging in cheerful conversation and showcasing their friendly relationship.

4th place-  Calvin Harris (1984)

Taylor Swift và Calvin Harris: Cặp đôi trời sinh từ tài năng đến ngoại hình

Fans were initially taken aback when Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris began dating, given their contrasting music genres. Despite their differences, the couple managed to sustain their relationship for 15 months. However, sources indicate that Harris decided to end the relationship because he felt overwhelmed by Swift’s success and presence in the spotlight. Following their breakup, attention shifted to their split, particularly when Swift was revealed as a co-writer of Harris’ song, “This Is What You Came For.” In 2016, Harris accused Swift and her team of dishonesty regarding her contribution to the song, sparking a public controversy. The dispute between the former partners over songwriting credits garnered significant attention and debate.

3rd place-. Joe Alwyn (1991)

Is Taylor Swift engaged to long-time boyfriend Joe Alwyn? 5 things to know  about the pop star's romance with the British actor – and their rumoured  Love Story wedding | South China

Taylor Swift crossed paths with her longtime romantic partner, Joe Alwyn, at the 2016 Met Gala. Before Alwyn, Swift briefly dated Tom Hiddleston. Speculations about Swift and Alwyn’s relationship began swirling in 2017, eventually confirmed by sources that they had indeed been an item for a while.

Swift and Alwyn consciously kept their relationship under wraps. In an interview with British Vogue, Alwyn stressed their preference for privacy, prioritizing their work over personal matters. Despite their discreetness, fans couldn’t help but speculate about their romance, especially considering Swift’s songs, which many believed were inspired by Alwyn.

Their collaboration on tracks like “Exile,” “Betty,” “Champagne Problems,” and “Sweet Nothing” under the pseudonym William Bowery showcased Alwyn’s songwriting talents. Although they seemed to have a blissful relationship, fans were caught off guard when news of their split emerged in 2023. Both Swift and Alwyn have chosen to remain mum about their breakup, with insiders suggesting that they simply grew apart but intend to remain friends.

2nd place-. Travis Kelce (1989)

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have become one of the most talked-about couples of today, not only stirring up media attention but also setting social media platforms abuzz.

Their romance kicked off in July 2023 when Travis Kelce attended Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour stop in Kansas City, where their love story began. Since then, the 8-time Grammy-winning singer has been frequently spotted cheering for her beau from the stands during Kansas City Chiefs’ matches.

In a public comment about their relationship, Taylor Swift remarked, “When you talk about a relationship being public, that means you get to see him do what he loves, we show up for each other, other people are there too and we don’t care. Contrast that with having to exert a lot of effort to make sure nobody knows you’re meeting someone. And we’re really proud of each other.”

Their love story has not only captivated the public’s attention but also serves as a testament to their open and passionate display of affection. It’s evident that they share a deep love for each other.

1st place- Scott Kingsley Swift (1952)

Mr. Scott Swift, aged 71, has been an unwavering presence in his daughter’s life since her birth, providing guidance and support throughout her singing career. His steadfast encouragement has played a pivotal role in Taylor Swift’s extraordinary success in the music industry.

Despite his advanced age, Mr. Swift has consistently made it a priority to stand by his daughter’s side through every milestone. He has been there to witness her pivotal performances and offer his unwavering support.

Mr. Scott’s financial expertise has also been instrumental in his daughter’s achievements. He leads a close-knit team that has adeptly managed Taylor Swift’s music career, overseeing a network of approximately 10 subsidiary companies. These subsidiaries handle various aspects of Taylor Swift’s music career, including business operations, copyright management, tour logistics, real estate, and her private jet.

With his boundless love and steadfast support for his daughter throughout her journey, it’s undeniable that Mr. Scott Swift holds a special place as the most important man in her life and the one who loves her the most.

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